[BreachExchange] UK: Cyberattack hits 26, 000 Debenhams Flowers customers

Audrey McNeil audrey at riskbasedsecurity.com
Fri May 5 18:11:13 EDT 2017


A cyberattack has compromised the personal data of up to 26,000 Debenhams

The breach, which is understood to have been malware-based, targeted the
online portal for the retailer's florist arm, Debenhams Flowers.

Debenhams has stressed that the site is operated by Ecomnova, a third-party
supplier, and that customers of other services have not been affected.

Ecomnova also operates Debenhams' websites for hampers, personalised gifts
and wines. While all four sites have been suspended, the retailer has not
announced whether the others were also breached.

Debenhams confirmed to Sky News that customer payment details, names and
addresses were accessed or stolen during the attack.

In a statement the company stressed that it was only the Ecomnova-run site
that had been compromised, and that customers of its main website
Debenhams.com "can be confident they are unaffected by this attack".

"All affected customers have been contacted by Debenhams to inform them of
the incident," the firm told Sky News.

"We are working with Ecomnova to ask the banks of those affected to block
payment cards of those customers affected and issue customers with new

Debenhams said the incident had been reported to the Information
Commissioner's Office (ICO), the UK's independent body for upholding the
Data Protection Act.

Following a cyberattack in October 2015, the ICO fined TalkTalk a record
£400,000 after 15,656 individuals' bank account details and sort codes were

An ICO spokesperson said it was aware of the "potential incident" involving
Debenhams Flowers and that enquiries were being made.

"Businesses and organisations are required under the Data Protection Act to
keep people's personal data safe and secure," the spokesperson said.

Debenhams chief executive Sergio Bucher said: "As soon as we were informed
that there had been a cyberattack, we suspended the Debenhams Flowers
website and commenced a full investigation.

"We are very sorry that customers have been affected by this incident and
we are doing everything we can to provide advice to affected customers and
reduce their risk."

Ecomnova did not immediately respond to Sky News for comment.
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