[BreachExchange] How To Keep Your New Online Business Safe

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If you have started a new business you might be wondering how to keep it
safe from online threats – Here are four simple tips to keep yourself and
your business secure.

Starting a brand new business, whether it’s a tech startup or a marketing
company, is an exciting time, especially as you begin to design your brand
and build your online presence. It would be awful, then, if something was
to happen to your newly created website and your private data. In today’s
modern world, you can’t be too careful when trying to keep your business
safe from all cyber threats, including hacking, malware and any breach of
data. Below are steps you should take to keep your company safe online.

Invest In Your Antivirus Software

It may sound simple, but ensuring you invest in the most up-to-date
antivirus software can be the difference between a harmful virus attacking
your network and not. No matter how many computers, laptop or even tablet
devices your company uses, you should install a powerful antivirus to
protect every one of them.

Making sure you have the most up-to-date software always means that it will
protect you against the recent cyber threats. Cybercrime evolves almost
daily, so even once you have the software, you have to continuously update
them to keep them running at their very best.

Enlist The Help Of Reputable Companies

There are going to be occasions in the building of your online presence
that you’re going to need some help along the way. For example, you may be
trying to improve your business’s backlinks to draw more traffic to your
website by enlisting the help of market influencers. It can be tempting to
turn to the first you find online, but taking your time to research and
find a credible blogger outreach service will ensure the backlinks appear
on reputable sites. Furthermore, building relationships with trustworthy
companies for whatever online help you need, from backlinks to your cloud
software, will not only give you peace of mind but will help protect your
business against any hacks of your personal and private company data.

Ensure Everyone Uses Strong Passwords

A strong password should fully protect every piece of sensitive data on
your company network and every device. Strong passwords should be at least
eight characters long and use a variety of numbers and upper and lower case
characters, and they should not be easy to guess.

What’s also important, however, is to ensure your employees don’t keep
their passwords anywhere that could be discovered, such as storing them on
their smartphones or written down in a notebook. They should also be
prompted to change their password frequently, for example, every four weeks.

Back Up Your Data

While you may be using a cloud software to keep your data safe and easily
accessible, it’s always worthwhile to regularly back up all your files,
wherever you store them. You can create a physical back up of any sensitive
and important files on an external hard drive, which you can then store
away from your business facilities, in case any virus or malware affected
your network or an issue affecting your physical devices such as burglary
or fire. Creating a back up will mean that you can recover any data you
lose and can continue to build your online business.
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