[BreachExchange] Aliens Can Hack Earth’s Computers – No, Is Not A Sci-Fi Scenario But The Theories Scientists Have Recently Elaborated

Destry Winant destry at riskbasedsecurity.com
Wed Feb 28 21:12:48 EST 2018


We have always wanted to see if we’re alone in the Universe. Since the
ancient times, humans have watched the skies waiting for something to
come down from there. And who knows, maybe ET has already come down
from the skies but this is another topic. Recently, however,
scientists theorized that aliens can hack Earth’s computers and
install misleading “AI” technologies into our networks.

Hollywood movies have presented similar scenarios

Many Hollywood movies have presented similar ideas, especially in
their 90s movies, such as Independence Day in which the aliens started
their invasion by hacking the Earth’s satellites’ network.

Also, in Contact, peaceful aliens sent a signal back to Earth with an
encoded building plan for a wormhole transportation device.

However, since the technology has hugely evolved in the last decade,
scientists and futurists gathered together to think how aliens can
attack the Earth from distance.

A new study reveals that aliens can hack Earth’s computers

John Learned and Michael Hippke, two astrophysicists, worked together
on a new report paper. According to them, because of the progress in
technology and science, more and more alien life hunters use radio
telescopes to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life but this
can be dangerous for humanity.

The researchers also speculate that an invasive alien civilization can
send messages that are meant to cause panic, as well as messages that
may mislead humans into believing they encountered with a peaceful
alien race.

Learned and Hippke consider that any intelligent life form that’s
developed enough to make use of advanced technologies can send back to
Earth a hacking signal that can block our whole computers’ system.
Also, they can infiltrate a misleading “AI” virus into our computers’

“If the AI promises to cure cancer, or offers a message of salvation,
a cult could form (…)  and would be in favor of releasing the AI,”
which can cause more harm than salvation, according to the study’s

The researchers concluded that these kinds of signals have to be
destroyed because aliens can hack Earth’s computers through them.

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