[BreachExchange] Group dating app 3Fun exposed sensitive data on 1.5 million users

Destry Winant destry at riskbasedsecurity.com
Fri Aug 9 10:24:44 EDT 2019


More than 1.5 million users of a group dating service had their
personal data exposed — including their real-time location — because
of a vulnerability in the app.

The dating site, 3Fun,  bills itself as a “private space” where you
can meet “local kinky, open-minded people.” But the data wasn’t
private at all. Ken Munro, founder of Pen Test Partners,  which
published its findings Thursday and shared its findings with
TechCrunch, said it was “probably the worst security for any dating
app we’ve ever seen.”

Pen Test Partners researchers found the app was leaking the precise
location, photos and other personal details of any nearby user.

Worse, because the app wasn’t properly secured, the researchers found
they could plug in any coordinates they wanted to spoof their
location, revealing sensitive information on anyone within any
location of their choosing, including government buildings, military
bases and even intelligence agencies.

TechCrunch ran the same tests as Pen Test Partners and confirmed its
findings. We were able to modify our current geolocation to any set of
coordinates we wanted — including the White House and the headquarters
of the CIA.

Using a man-in-the-middle tool like Burp Suite, we could capture our
real location, manipulate it in transit on the way to the server and
receive a batch of data for that location.

We found profiles of users at both locations, including their sexual
preferences — including sexual orientation and their preferred
matches; their age; username and their partner’s username; their bio —
many of which included expansive, specific and personal information on
the user; and their full-resolution profile picture. In some cases,
dates of birth were also exposed.

None of the data was encrypted. The researchers called the app a
“privacy train wreck.”

The researchers contacted 3Fun on July 1 to report the bugs. Munro
said the app maker took weeks to fix the issues.

We emailed 3Fun with several questions, but spokesperson Jennifer
White did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s the latest app to fall foul of proper security standards in
recent months. Jewish dating app JCrush left 200,000 user records
exposed in June following a security lapse. Last year on its launch
day, conservative dating app Donald Daters exposed its entire user
base — at the time some 1,600 users — after leaving a set of
hard-coded keys in its app, which was quickly found after a security
researcher decompiled the app.

Another dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, was breached on Valentine’s
Day, no less.

Well, that’s one way to a person’s heart — hacking their dating profile.

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