[BreachExchange] Honda confirms its network has been hit by cyberattack

Destry Winant destry at riskbasedsecurity.com
Fri Jun 12 10:25:06 EDT 2020


Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer, has confirmed it has been hit
with a cyberattack that has impacted some of its operations, including
production systems outside of Japan.

"Honda can confirm that a cyberattack has taken place on the Honda
network," a spokesperson said. "We can also confirm that there is no
information breach at this point in time".

The company added: "Work is being undertaken to minimise the impact
and to restore full functionality of production, sales and development
activities. At this point, we see minimal business impact".

The company said it had experienced difficulties accessing servers,
email and internal systems and that there was also an impact on
production systems outside of Japan. It said its "internal server" was
attacked externally and a "virus" had spread, but that it would would
not disclose any further details for security reasons.

Honda's customer service and financial services operations have have
also tweeted that they are experiencing "technical difficulties".

"At this time Honda Customer Service and Honda Financial Services are
experiencing technical difficulties and are unavailable. We are
working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for
the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding,"
said the Tweet.

This isn't the first time Honda operations have been disrupted by a
cyberattack; the manufacturer was forced to temporarily shut down a
car plant in Japan in July 2017 after falling victim to WannaCry

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